What is the Team up to?



Daniel, Brandon, Dr. Banihashemi, and Nithya after the Psychiatry Research Day poster session (June 2022)

Brandon at his Research Day poster for his work regarding a manual segmentation process of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis at 7 Tesla (June 2022)

Nithya at her Research Day poster discussing the relationships among childhood adversity, central visceral brain regions, and adulthood cardiovascular stress reactivity (June 2022)

Daniel and Brandon reunited with a previous lab mate, Mia, at Research Day (June 2022)



Dr. Banihashemi and Nithya during the American Heart Association conference (May 2022)
















Dr. Banihashemi with renowned breathing instructor and old friend, Max Strom (May 2022)

Dr. Banihashemi, Dr. Ibrahim, Max, Will, Jeremy, and Brandon after the pilot scan (May 2022)




A few lab members got together before the holidays to enjoy Phipps Conservatory! (Dec. 2021)